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About Us

“Join us in the movement towards a sustainable future, where beauty and purpose meet in harmony with nature.”


"Designing for Zero Waste: A Commitment to Sustainability and Pleasure"

Geosmin, a brand that is committed to promoting sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle practices. At Geosmin, we believe that every individual has the power to make a difference and contribute towards building a better, cleaner, and more sustainable world.

Our brand is inspired by the concept of Geosmin, which refers to the earthy scent that is released when it rains after a dry spell. This unique aroma is a reminder of the beauty and purity of nature, and it represents our commitment to preserving the environment.

At Geosmin, we strive to provide our customers with high-quality and eco-friendly products that help reduce waste and minimize environmental impact. From reusable bags and straws to natural and organic oral and personal care products, our range of sustainable products is designed to help you adopt a zero-waste lifestyle simple for you.

We are passionate about encouraging and educating individuals to make ethical decisions that are good for the environment. Our goal is to build a group of like-minded people who are dedicated to changing the world for the better and who share our beliefs.

Thank you for choosing Geosmin, and together, let’s make a meaningful impact on the environment,
one step at a time.

Sustainable Products
Artisans across India
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Started Since 5 Years Ago




Arunachal Pradesh

Our Expert Artisan

Our expert artisans are hard-working and skilled, having inherited their traditional techniques and hand-held tools from their ancestors. With their expertise and dedication, they create unique and high-quality products that reflect the rich cultural heritage of their craft.

Bamboo Crafts
Sisal Finer Crafts
Loofah Crafts

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